Dance FAQ

1.  Do I need a partner? 

No dance partner is necessary – singles are welcome.  Classes are rotated to allow students to experience multiple partners .

2.  What should I wear? 

If you do not have dance attire, any clothing which is loose and allows ease of movement is appropriate.

3. Do I have to buy “official” dance shoes?  

Although dance shoes with suede bottoms are preferred, it is not necessary to buy them if you are just starting out.  Ladies should wear shoes which have a slight heel and a flexible, smooth sole (i.e – no rubber).   Men should also have shoes with smooth, flexible soles.  Shoes with rubber bottoms tend to stick to the floor and make it difficult to move.

4. Do I need private lessons?

This is a personal decision, however, private lessons can afford you individualized attention and are a great way to accelerate your dancing and help you to achieve your dancing goals more quickly!  Many people will take private lessons to dance at a wedding or other social event, or to “catch up” with a class which is already in session.   Discount packages are available.

5.  Can we learn a different dance at a “Salsa Party”?  

Absolutely!  Traveling dance parties can be tailored to best suit your needs.  Other dances which have been requested in the past are rumba, cha-cha and merengue.

6. How many lessons do I need to hit the dance floor and when can I practice?

You will learn enough in one lesson to take your skills on the dance floor.  The key to retaining what you have learned is to practice, practice, practice!  Ballroom & Latin Socials are held semi-monthly in Danbury where you can socialize and practice your new dance skills!

7.  Will you offer lessons in the privacy of my home? 

Yes!  Private lessons are available in your home for an additional travel fee.  Please email us for more information.

8 What types of payment are accepted?

At the moment, payment is accepted by cash or check only for classes held in Danbury.  Paypal is made available for classes where preregistration is required. 

9. Do I need to preregister for class?

Preregistration is always advised so that classes are not cancelled due to low registration.

10.  Are we allowed to videotape in class? 

Videotaping is allowed at the end of  class.

11.  Is there a make-up policy?

Missed classes in Salsa/Latin Dance held through Trumbull Continuing Ed may be made up at Vitti’s Studio in Danbury.   Currently there is no make-up policy for discounted classes held Monday nights in Danbury.