Dance Etiquette

Proper dance etiquette, whether in a classroom or social setting, is an important ingredient to ensuring the enjoyment of not only yourself, but everyone you come in contact with.  Many times it makes the difference on whether you receive that 2nd dance!  The following are some gentle reminders to help you in the classroom or on the dance floor.


1. First rule – smile, relax and have fun!

2. In class, always thank you partner at the end of a rotation.

3. Do not talk while your teacher is instructing.  It is disrespectful to the instructor and distracting to your fellow classmates.

4. If you tend to sweat heavily, put a small towel and extra tee shirt in your dance bag.

5. Be impeccable with your hygiene.  Don’t eat garlic or raw onions before class!  Wear your deodorant and always have mints or gum on hand.

6. Don’t wear perfume or cologne in class, or use it very sparingly without getting it on your hands.  Many people have chemical sensitivities and don’t want to be touched with anyone wearing cologne.

7.  If you have a question during class, bring it to the attention of your instructor.

8.  If you are at a social, just have fun! Don’t give your partner a critique on the dance floor!

9.  Men, do not strong arm your partner.  This is not sumo wrestling.

10.  Ladies, keep your focus on your partner so you can be an effective follower.

11.  At a social, always ask your partner their name and thank them for the dance.

12.  Gentlemen, at a social, always escort your partner on & off the dance floor.  I have seen men leave women in the middle of the floor as they walk over to another woman to ask for a dance.  Not cool!

13.  Always laugh at your instructor’s jokes!    :-)