Fickle Friday

In order to offer students a wider variety of classes, dances taught in the “Fickle Fridays” series vary from month to month.  For example one month we may be offering East Coast Swing and the next month we will switch to Night Club Two Step**.   When offered, Fickle Friday classes will be held Fridays from 6 – 7 p.m.  at Vitti’s Dance Studio in Danbury. 


NIGHTCLUB TWO STEP, sometimes called “Two Step”, is a fun and relaxed dance that was developed in the ’60′s.  Perfect for weddings and parties, it is generally danced to slower ballads and is a great choice when you’re not sure what to dance to a particular song!

BACHATA, a popular form of Latin Dance which has its origins in the Dominican Republic and is typically danced from side to side.   Modern forms of the dance incorporate a combination of styling from Ballroom and Salsa.

TEXAS TWO STEP, also referred to as Country Two Step actually has it’s roots in the Fox Trot.  Although there are many variations, it is a country western dance which is typically danced to country music!  Casual and great fun to learn!